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Die richtige Recherche ist ja das A und O für einen guten Start in einen neuen Design-Auftrag. Und hier fallen uns immer wieder wunderbare Videos auf, die uns als Inspiration dienen. Damit diese nicht im digitalen Nirvana verschwinden, haben wir ein paar besondere zum Thema “Erklärvideos 2013” gesammelt:


Bitcoin erklärt


A short video looking at ‘Bitcoin’, a decentralized digital currency. Directed, Designed and Animated by Duncan Elms – Written and Voiced by Marc Fennell –


Animation for a Cause – Explainer Video – English


Animation For A Cause is a non-profit that promotes social causes through the use of motion graphics.
Creating visually engaging, message driven pieces that can either work as a pledge for sponsorship…


Explainer Video on Explainer Videos


Ever wonder why explainer videos are great for communicating complex information in an engaging way? Here is the science behind them — and one creative technique in particular: voice-over.


.MAP Animation




SocialSensor Explainer Video

SocialSensor is a platform that enables real-time multimedia indexing and search in the Social Web.
The video was created to explain in detail what SocialSensor is.

Tech MD Infographic Animation


비모트 동영상 광고 서비스

Vimote is an online video advertising service. You can upload your video and advertise it across new media such as YouTube, Facebook, Tapjoy, etc.

The Metropolitan Revolution – The New Silk Road

Working with Melcher Media and Brookings Institute we were asked to create a series of animations that would become part of an app , to run alongside the launch of a new book, The Metropolitan Revolution. The book talks about how real change in the USA isn’t happening in the federal government, but at the local, city level. The animations needed to convey their core beliefs in a concise way. – Erklärvideo

It’s been said that history repeats itself. If this is true, the best way to understand how to solve tomorrow’s challenges is to reflect on history and apply the learnings to today’s technology. In this video, Causes, the world’s largest online campaigning platform, looks back on the fundamentals and timeless principles of grassroots organizing as inspiration for its new product vision. In September 2013, Causes introduced the Supporter Network, a purpose-driven network that allows users to create a cause-related profile that represents their identity as an engaged citizen, connect with other like-minded people and take action together.
Shown during the presentation at the 2013 Mashable Social Good Summit




Solea // Big Deal

Solea is the first ever dental laser approved for use on hard and soft tissue… and that’s kind of a big deal.

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