The workshop – a solid foundation for your project

Without a deeper understanding of your needs and challenges all of our further actions are built on sand. And without your trust in our expertise, we can’t make you shine the way you need us to.  

500 ways to benefit from our workshops

Trust and collaboration
You are experts on your field. And we are experts in designing your story. That’s why you approached us, right? Trusting each others expertise however doesn’t come easily. That’s why we have to build it. And that’s why starting a cooperation with a workshop is helping the whole process. You’ll get to know us personally, our working method and you’ll experience our expertise at first hand.

A deeper understanding
In the workshop we are also getting to know you better: You,  your product and your needs and challenges. This way we can fully and effectively understand what exactly you need help with. We ask the right questions about your needs and pain points. And we listen to you. Actually quite often the scope of the project is shifting after the workshop. And that has a very good impact on the results.

Challenging the Status Quo
In contrast to a written briefing, the aim of a workshop is not only to assure a better understanding but also to go a step further. Way before certain productions or measures could cause unnecessary costs we can identify weak points and challenge them together. Quite often it is not only us finding out new things about you and your focus group but surprisingly our clients themselves.

Everybody board and running on full speed!
The best way to start a project is a focused mindset. And it is even better when everybody is involved – especially those carrying responsibilities and making decisions – are pushing things forward. In the same direction. That’s what a workshop can also achieve: everybody is aboard and helping to bring the project to a whole new level. Only if we are passionate about the project  we can truly perform extraordinarily. Let’s be honest: We’ve all seen people wanting to “rescue” a project in the middle of things because they did not understand what was going on. Even though intentions were good the results ended up way worse. Nobody wants that.

Wasting neither time nor money
If you are not sure if we are the right partner for your project you can still easily cancel the cooperation right after the workshop. This way you neither waste time nor money and you stay focused. On top of that you are still going to take away highly valuable results that will make all further steps on your path clearer and a lot easier. To be honest though,  nobody ever canceled after a workshop.

Sustainable learning and development
We promise you that you will be able to use the findings from our workshops far beyond the joint project. You are going to benefit in many ways. Our strategic foundation is going to provide you with a compass that will help you to steer all future measures in the right direction. Your communications will be orchestrated.

Our workshops

We start all our projects with a kickoff workshop. Years of experience have shown that we can work more efficiently with you and achieve a lot better results in a shorter time frame. On top of that we are offering three different workshops and consulting modules.

Focus group workshop

(based on the Personas method)

→ Duration: 4-6h

Most of our clients tell us that they do know their focus groups very well. And they all say that it’s really complicated. Another option is that it is basically “everybody” – or very unspecific like“Men between 18 and 65”. Under these conditions we poke in the dark. No campaign can be successful if you don’t understand your focus groups exactly.  

With our methods you get to know your focus groups in a new and very tangible way – as people. We call them personas and learn to walk in their shoes, feel their challenges and needs and understand their positions. We basically change our perspective. After that we prioritise them and find out what is most valuable for you to tell. Through this change of perspective, you will gain new and highly valuable insights about possible approaches, needs, obstacles, pain points and ways of triggering these people.

Golden Circle workshop

(after Simon Sinek )

Applicable for Brand Stories, Product Stories, (Service Stories)

→ Duration: 1 – 5 Workshops à 4-6h

The deeper you are into marketing a product, a service or a brand, the less you are able to see the big picture. You sell or advertise products, features or unique selling propositions without realizing that your focus groups a) have a completely different level of knowledge and b) often make completely different decisions. Your knowledge of what you want to sell is too deep and you cannot unlearn it. On top of that the emotional component plays an increasingly important role, especially in a saturated market or hardly distinguishable products. The more I can identify myself as a potential customer with a product, service or brand, the more likely it is that I will buy it. This identification is something very emotional that we want to work on together with you. What’s your mission? What’s your purpose? What do you stand for? What benefit is there for your customers? In short: What is your story?

We want to develop this together with you and provide you with a compass that not only gives your marketing measures a direction, but also a meaning.

Design sprint

(after Jake Knapp)

→ Duration: 5 days

Our five-day Design Sprint format is based on the principles of Design Thinking and the Customer Journey Design. Many startups use this method in order to be able to formulate new ideas, develop prototypes and test them with customers very quickly and with relatively little effort.

A design sprint can be used for a wide variety of processes, communication channels and media.

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Goldener Westen

We are Goldener Westen. A creative agency from Berlin. Our international, interdisciplinary team is specialized on innovative, visual Storytelling (brand, services, products). Our international clients are startups as well as small and medium-sized companies, business consultancies, governmental and non-governmental organizations and DAX-listed companies.

We design stories.

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What unites them, is the understanding for the function of design and their wish to strengthen their own brand.

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