Heute teilen wir wieder unsere Inspirationen für das Thema Motion Design, Erklärvideos und Animationen. Dabei geht es uns nicht immer um Design, manchmal ist es der Sound oder das Storytelling oder der Gesamtansatz und manchmal der Humor.

Today we are again sharing our inspirations for motion design, explanatory videos and animations. It’s not always about design for us, sometimes it’s the sound or the storytelling or the overall approach and sometimes the humor.

Explanatory Videos, Animations and Music Videos


Black is a Beautiful Struggle

very beautiful made and also very nice storytelling – this is what I would call literally a “narrative” way of text – also something for you


especially for our bicycle lover – some bicycle porn😜

beautifully crafted opening title animation:

How to get your mind right with Rico Nasty

and another very nice example of storytelling for a product:

Here is the whole series


Nice explainer what to keep in mind, when combining real footage with animation:

The Early Animated Films

we love these early animated films!


amazing what can be done with so less – very nice inspiration

also nice style








Mashrou’ Leila – Radio Romance

lovely colors (if you are not already doing it, I would recommend to create color palettes of your favorite films…)

A Love/Hate Relationship

here is a beautiful animated and illustrated animation for breast cancer now


This studio from Taiwan doing amazing stuff – sooo colorful 😀 – check it out: https://mixcode.tv/

Die besten Erklärvideos 2021 (bis jetzt) 2

Animation Tools / Scripts

the amzing guy from battle axe (rubber hose + overlord) released a new tool which seems to improve the workflow between PS, Animate and AE – so that Frame by Frame Animations are done more easily – check this out:

and if we are willing to use it, I will buy it – just tell me – here is more information about it:
just checked the timelord, looks very attractive for cel animation. And also similar to animators tool bar, which we already bought. I think if we get have a cel animation project, we definitely try out this tool








Tutorials and Documentary

Easy Lip Sync in After Effects with no plugins

behind the scenes of Sam Gainsborough


How Stop-Motion Movies Are Animated At The Studio Behind ‘Missing Link’



We have a new Showreel !